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  • 100WC

    A magic door, a magical, mystical door, found in the middle of a forest. Deep in the woods will you find the door, a door that was put there by someone – no-one knows who but everyone just accepts its existence. Nobody has dared to go into the door, everyone apart from you. You go into […]

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  • All Children Should Play a Sport

    “All children should play a sport” or should this statement say forced. Many children do not like to participate in sports, but with parents not listening to their kids, they will never have a say in whether they should play a sport or not, which would cause a massive and negative impact on their emotional […]

  • CyberSafety
  • 2018 webinar – eSafety

    In the webinar, we learnt about privacy online and how to stay safe and protected. When you have received a message/popup, make sure to check all the details (grammar, spelling, who it’s from, name etc) so you are sure that it’s a virus or not. If you have received a friend request from someone you […]

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  • Herald Sun – Hawaii

    Pale Blue – Recalls Sky Blue – Questions Deep Blue – Insights Black – Summary This article was about the recent eruption in Hawaii. Most of the volcanic activity was around/in the Leilani Estates and Lanipuna Gardens areas and towns. Kilauea is the most active of the five volcanoes on the island and one of the most […]

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  • 100WC – Magical Creature

    This amazing creature is found in a special type of oasis’ in the desert, the pink lake. Many people do not believe it exists due to it be shy and not showing itself to people often. It’s blue and purple colours help it to blend into the glimmering water, it can even turn it’s colours […]

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  • 100WC

    The old statue legs stood alone in the forest. It has been 100 years after the statue of the nearby town’s god, Dionysus the god of nature, got torn down by a storm. The town was devastated, afraid that the god would send the wort of nature after them. Yet the god was pleased. The town […]

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  • Home Book Review

    Home (Lams – Laurens x Hamilton Modern College AU Fan-Fiction) An AU stands for Alternate Universe; it is an alternate version of something that already exists. Anybody can make an AU; all they have to do is take the original idea (A game, a book or a musical) and change it in minor or huge […]

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  • 100WC

    The townsfolk wandered around their small town, not knowing of danger that lied among the edge. The ocean barely went inside of the town, but many of the townsfolk where terrified, the captain, who managed the lookout, kept on reassuring them that the town was safe. The river that ran along the edge was getting […]