Woven Hat

It was a cloudy, dark and rainy night. My parents have gone out of the house and have left me here. I decided to take a walk to calm my nerves. I was walking for about 5 minutes when I found a flickering light. I just left it then I heard a whisper,

“Don’t hold it against me.”

I didn’t bother to turn back, I just kept walking. Then suddenly the whisper said a poem,

” Deep below ground.

Where memories sleep.

Anger is restless.

And secrets don’t keep.”

I started to run. I looked back. I saw a shadow figure. I started to sweat… I ran but I fell into a huge hole… I climbed out and found that I had tripped on a hat that was sitting on a log. I took the hat, it was made of straw and had some flowers on a dark blue background. I ran from the hole, I ran though the shadow and ran home never to go out alone again…

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