100 word challenge #12 Pot

I just came back from the stores, it was almost Halloween, so I bought a pot with yellow eyes. I placed it on the front porch, hoping it would drag some attention, so I could get rid of some lollies. Maybe I could put some fake legs in it, and paint them with red paint. I thought. I guess I can put a bowl full of lollies next to it.. I thought that it was a good idea at the time. I went inside and made some fake legs and painted them. I knew Halloween was going to be great this year.

Practice for the 100 word challenge

I was stuck in the Arctic, yet the sunshine was shining through. I saw some ice, something purple was in some ice, I was so frightened I wanted to run so fast, away from that horrifying creature! Suddenly, the ice broke  and the creature flew away, I stood there, stunned. So stunned. “Hello…” I heard the purple creature say. I ran.