SRC speach

I think that i would make a good SRC rep because I could make sensible decisions, help younger SRC reps to become more confident in saying their ideas and help the others with “improving” their ideas in a way.

I have leadership skills, I’m also not as bossy but i can be sometimes if people don’t behave.

I would be a really good listener and take notes of others’ ideas and try to improve mine by using small things from others’ ideas but not steal them. I would also be able to follow instructions well and tell others the instructions if they are confused.

That is why i think i would be a good SRC rep.

Safer Internet Day

Today was safer internet day and all of Victoria’s schools participated in a webinar on how we can stay safe online. It included information on how to keep your details private online, this included things on how to prevent bullying and the dangers of hackers and strangers online and what to do if you do get bullied. During the webinar it gave us the opportunity to answer questions that they asked through the chat. We found out that half our group had gotten contacted by strangers online. Some of the things they said were, tell a trusted adult, report and keep the evidence so they can work out who did it.
I already report them, and if they keep on doing it, I block them and keep evidence. A goal or future internet use would be to tell a trusted adult, or anyone I can trust.

My homework

On the holidays, I went to Philip Island with my Dad’s Friends Family. I got to bring my 3Ds that I got for Christmas. I played with Toby (their older son). I had fun, but I lost all the pokemon battles. But I wasn’t a good trainer at the time. We went to the beach multiple times; it was really fun! Then we went home after the week was over. I wanted to stay there for a bit loner though!

Something interesting about me:

I actually like both FNaF (five nights at Freddy’s) and UNDERTALE, even though both fanbases hate each other!

What I like about school:

I like the times when we use the computers and when we do personal writing (including the 100-word challenge.)

My goal:

To get better at my cursive writing, and use cursive in my writing.