100WC- how could something so tiny…?

How could something so tiny eat something so big?! this small ant nearly ate a whole bunch of piza. it just scuteld to the  counter all like, “mmmmmm! this pizza looks good!!” it then opened the pizza box up and gobbled it all down. it then scuttled down to many other boxes and ate it all! my family and I where so stunned to see a big fat ant next to a bunch of empty pizza boxes. my little brother stated, “what a big fat greedy ant!!!” we all laughed.

Finally our real order of pizza arrived, we ate it all before the ant could.


Prompt: how could something so tiny..?

2 thoughts on “100WC- how could something so tiny…?

  1. I like this 100 word challenge Pippa. It was very creative about how the ants ate the pizza. I like the word choice you used like gobbled and scuttled. Something I think you could work on though is maybe your spelling because I can see a couple of mistakes in here. But apart from that, I think this is awesome!

  2. Nice Job Pippa! I loved the voice in this piece. It was very funny and I got a great picture in my head of what was going on. Maybe as an improvement, just double check your work for any lower case letters when there should be capitals, spelling mistakes, punctuation mistakes, etc. I didn’t see very many, but always be aware before you go to post it! Other than that great job!

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