I saw the wall…

the wall was so plain…I could decorate it, with paintings or other things. unfortunately I  had no paintings or any other things to decorate it with.  I thought about my favorite book, Harry Potter and the philosophers stone. maybe this wall was like that wall… but that would be impossible, Harry Potter is just a fictional world, and everyone knows that fictional worlds never come true.

maybe this was different…? maybe this wall is like the platform 9 and 3 quarters wall.  I  looked around: no people to watch my stupid action, perfect.

I ran to the wall… turns out, I was right. It was like Harry Potter.



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One thought on “100WC

  1. Pippa,
    This is in my opinion the best 100 word challenge you’ve done this year. I love the way your character looks at this ‘plain’ wall and imagines hope and adventure in it. Showing that imagination and hope can create excitement from what seems dull and boring.
    Don’t forget to put capitals at the start of all your sentences!
    Well done,

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