100WC: the raindrop and the ant

Goal: to use more dialogue in my writing.

goal colour: red

thunder echoed through the field, heavy rain fell on the running ants. I scuttled quickly, trying to see my home through my blurry, fuzzy eyes. My home seemed to get further and further away… But i didnt care. When I got near my home, rain flooded the way, I couldn’t get to it. I scuttled the other way, rain flooded that way as well.

I cried “Help!! Please, I’m trapped!!” 

A raindrop rolled towards me and stopped in front of me… I scuttled around it a few times, then I slowly walked towards it, it didn’t “pop” like all the others. it stayed.

the rain.

all the rain.

all gone.

“yes!! I can finally go home!!” I yelled.


its this picture!

2 thoughts on “100WC: the raindrop and the ant

  1. This is really interesting Pippa.
    You describe a lot about this thunderstorm, which gives me a clearer picture on what is happening in my mind. Your adjectives are very interesting as well. I think you did very well in reaching your goal.
    Good job!

  2. This really cool. I like how you had a “goal colour” to highlight when you did your goal. That was really smart and I liked it. The piece was really nice…I liked the adjectives. It really painted a picture in my head. Good job!
    Keep Writing!

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