100WC – poem –


round n’ round it goes

when will it stop

nobody knows

round n’ round it will go

sooner or later it’ll crash

sooner or later it’ll be free

hop hop the horses go

free in the park

around the trees, over the people

free in the streets

around the block, over the houses

round n’ round the world

round n’ round, when will it stop

nobody knows

when will they be free

they’ve been stuck there for so long

they are finally free

round n’ round they go

round n’ round you see

they are now gone

into the sunset

back into your head

2 thoughts on “100WC – poem –

  1. Pippa, this is a wonderful poem. The way you use repetition and short lines create a rhythm that is just like the rhythm of the carousel going round and round. I love the way you begin with the words of a nursery rhyme to create the mood you play with and question with your comment on freedom- then finally end with the line “back into your head” making us wonder if this is all about the wondering in someone’s head….

  2. Hi Pippa,
    I thought this 100 WC poem was really good. I really liked this poem, mainly because of the repetition. Maybe to make it better you could of used more puncuation, it kind of just makes it look better when you use capitals and puncuation and makes it easier to read. Even though it’s a poem, I saw a couple times you could of used a question mark, a full stop, a comma, and a capital. I still thought the poem was very good though!

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