100WC- Then suddenly it went dark…

It was raining today, quite heavily I might add. I checked the weather on the news website, it said that it would be a storm, a great big one. The biggest one in the last 500 years!

I was quite shocked, I hated storms; with a passion. My earliest memory of experiencing a storm when I was 3, 12 years ago. It all started when I was with my Dad, lying on the couch with the TV on, the rain pitter pattering on the windows in the background. I liked it, just some normal rain. Until I heard a low, rumble in the distance. My father said it was a storm.

Then suddenly, it went… dark…

One thought on “100WC- Then suddenly it went dark…

  1. Pippa,
    this is a gorgeous piece in which you have developed a lovely clear character’s voice. You’ve used your sentence structure and punctuation to create a lively interesting pace, and the specific words you have chosen for the sounds- pitter pattering; low rumble- are particularly evocative,
    great work,

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