100WC – Gumboots

Have you ever wanted a better, non-sponge like pair of shoes to walk in when it rains?

Well now you can! Get your new non-sponge like gumboots today! At the reverse-sponge company we aim to get your feet into the most comfortable shoes in the world! We call these special gumboots “Unspongeboots!” These boots will practically make you feel like you’re not on in water but you are in water!

“🌟 do not buy, terrible gumboots.” – Some random guy who wore the wrong boots.

“These boots do not deserve a rating, they will break once you touch them!” -Some rich and famous guy probably.

100WC: Describe your most treasured item without actually giving what it is away.

It’s something small, yet it holds many ideas in it.

It can create on anything, even if it’s just in your imagination.

Sure, using it can be hard at first, but it still can create anything you want.

If it makes something someone else likes, they might get interested, and continue to like the ideas.

It may not create anything beautiful at first, but practice will help.

First it sketches, then makes the lineart, the it colours.

If you want to take it a step further, it will shade.

People do this, with it, for a job.

It has a rubber at the end, and it has lead inside of it.

Goals for term 4

Work and Study:  

 To get a better understanding of coding.

To get better at poetry

I want to share my work more often.


To experiment with codes.

Try to use my prior knowledge.


Practice at home.

Write about things I like.

Sharing Work-

Not to be shy.

Be braver.

Fun and friendship: 

Get to know other people.

Try to join in.

Get to know-

Don’t be afraid to talk to other people.

Start hanging out with other people.

Try to join in-

Hang out with others.

Ask them if I could join.

Next year I would like to learn about/ get better at:

Having neat handwriting.

Doing things on time.

Choose to sit next to someone that won’t distract me.

Make new friends.