The townsfolk wandered around their small town, not knowing of danger that lied among the edge.

The ocean barely went inside of the town, but many of the townsfolk where terrified, the captain, who managed the lookout, kept on reassuring them that the town was safe.

The river that ran along the edge was getting unexpectedly faster, nobody knew what was going on.

They were all told to stay inside their homes for safety as the captain tried to find the source of what caused the river to move so quickly.

Nobody knew what danger happened that day…

Nobody knew.

6 thoughts on “100WC

  1. Pippa, I love the way you have written this piece. I got a sense of the impending danger, and the fact that the townsfolk were unaware of what was going on. You certainly left me wanting to read more of the story.
    Well Done!

  2. I love this 100wc Pippa,
    As soon as I read the first sentence I could tell that the setting of the story was the 20th century. The amount of description in there really gave me an idea of how the characters felt and thought of the situation. Great job

  3. That is a really interesting piece of writing. It really gives off an air of suspicion that the townsfolk have no idea what the danger is it would be a great start to a story. great job!

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