100WC – Magical Creature

This amazing creature is found in a special type of oasis’ in the desert, the pink lake.

Many people do not believe it exists due to it be shy and not showing itself to people often.
It’s blue and purple colours help it to blend into the glimmering water, it can even turn it’s colours into many different shades of pink to hide better.
It is able to transform into a tinier version of itself so it can hide away in the smallest of cracks in the rocks.
It’s main predator is the Bulti Fish. It will chase it’s prey into an area where it cannot escape and then eat it.

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  1. sofiama2016 says: Reply

    Hi Pippa,
    I really like the feeling that your blog brings. Its a very calm and relaxing feeling and this 100 WC brings the same kind of felling. I also really like how you described the animal and had a picture. Good Job!
    Sofia- http://sofiama2016.global2.vic.edu.au/2018/05/16/100-word-challlenge-the-fangwolf/

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