All Children Should Play a Sport

“All children should play a sport” or should this statement say forced.

Many children do not like to participate in sports, but with parents not listening to their kids, they will never have a say in whether they should play a sport or not, which would cause a massive and negative impact on their emotional state.

Many people, including me, believe that children should have the right to choose if they play a sport or not. If parents force their child to play a sport that they did not want to, the children would not try in that sport and would begin to feel unhappy while doing that sport.

According to the Young Minds Matter study, one in seven or 560 000 young children suffer with anxiety or depression. If the child has anxiety or depression, they would not have the courage to go up to their parents and ask them to quit a sport or to change from one sport to another due to the negative consequences the child will think up.

There are many other ways to build up teamwork and sportsmanship in a child’s mind, such as playing strategy games with others, such as the adventures in Animal Jam or Minecraft.

The skills your child can learn from Minecraft are –

  1. Enhances life skills
  2. Complements school skills
  3. Delivers work skills

The skills your kid can learn from Animal Jam are –

  1. Cyber safety
  2. Teamwork

Let us think beyond the two “main” genders for a while.

What would happen if your kid were transgender, gender fluid or non-binary?

These genders are used by people who do not associate with their birth gender, people who do not want to be associated with any gender and by people who do not care what gender they are.

Many sports, like soccer and ballet, are associated with the two “main” genders – female and male. Kids who are Trans, gender fluid or non-binary will not fit into any sport unless it is a unisex sport. Gender stereotypes will become a big thing if kids are forced to play a sport. Trans, gender fluid and non-binary children will possible be bullied and be led into a state of depression, which would lead them into a higher risk of causing self-harm and even attempted suicide.

In conclusion, many people believe that kids should have a right to choose and not be forced, due to gender stereotypes and kids can learn teamwork and various other skills through online games. So tell us, are you thinking about this? Do you still have the same opinion as before or are you now on the fence?



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