Drarry Fanfiction ;:chapter 1:;

Harry sat there, staring at the back of Draco Malfoy’s head – his mind lost in many thoughts that he could not dissect.
His quill was limp in his hand, his mouth slightly open without him realising, a line of fading ink coming from where his quill left off.
He was tired, that’s all he knew, but he didn’t know it would come down to staring at the back of the bad boy’s head while thinking about everything.
Harry was so lost in thought, the whole world seemed to be blurry – like if you focus on one thing, the world around gets blurry. Harry was focusing on one thing; his thoughts.
He was about to lose all sense of reality when he distantly heard his own name being called.
“Potter!” The voice seemed agitated, “Potter!” It snapped again, more fiercely. His mind suddenly snapped back and he was greeted by the scowl of Draco Malfoy.
“Why on earth where you staring at me?” He hissed, his silver eyes glaring at Harry.
Harry fumbled, trying to get back to his original state.
“I.. um.. I..” He only managed to squeeze out a few words. “I was thinking..?”
Draco groaned, “I don’t have time for your excuses, Potter.”
He turned back to his own work, a few of the other Slytherins who where at his side sniggering as they stared at Harry, imitating his dull look as he was thinking.
Harry felt his face turn red with embarrassment, he just wanted to disappear at that very moment, back into the safe and cozy Gryffindor common room.
Harry continued his work for a good 10 or so minutes before class ended, leaving everyone to do their own thing back in their house common rooms.
Harry returned to the common room, holding a piece of parchment, quill and ink bottle.
He sat at one of the empty desks and began his essay on the Draught of Peace. The book seemed to drag on and on about one single ingredient and how to cut it – which he found very boring.
Ron soon came up to him, placed his parchment (which only had four lines of writing done) and ink bottle down next to Harry. They sat in an awkward silence for a while until Ron broke the awkwardness, “Why exactly where you staring at his head?” He questioned, placing his quill down.
Harry grumbled but reluctantly answered Ron’s question, “I was thinking. That’s it.” He returned to his parchment, constantly looking back from the book to his own writing.
Ron shrugged, not knowing wether to believe this answer or not, but they both continued in the awkward silence once more.
After a painful hour of quill scratching, Harry got up and grabbed his wizard chess set, “Ron, wanna play?” He asked, setting up the chess board.
Ron looked up, he had barely written five more lines, he smiled and got off his chair almost immediately, sitting next to Harry and helping him set up the last few pieces.
They were halfway through their game when Hermione came from the girls’ dormitories, she walked up to the boys and looked down at them. “Why aren’t you doing your homework? It’s important, you know.”
“We know,” Ron replied, not looking away from the chessboard, “You’ve told us about a million times.”
“I got tired, do you know how hard it is to write a 3 page essay on the Draught of Peace? That potion is absolutely impossible to understand,” Harry complained, “it’s also impossible to make!”
“Oh quit complaining, I’ve already finished my essay, I could read what you have and check it.” Hermione offered, “I could do that for you as well, Ron.”
Harry saw Ron’s ears turn a delicate pink, he stared at the chessboard for a good five seconds before saying, “Well, I didn’t complete it since I just didn’t want to.” He completely ignored Hermione’s offer, but Harry accepted it, as long as she didn’t make it look too obvious that she helped.
After Hermione was done, she continued on with her own homework in total silence.
“So quidditch..” Ron paused, “Reckon Slytherin’ll be tough to beat?”
“No, but do you?” Harry asked.
“Maybe, though with Malfoy as their seeker..” Ron took a moment to think, “Well, he won’t have a chance against you. You’re an amazing seeker! He just got on because his farther probably paid the school or something.” He said, putting a good amount of emphasis on the word “farther.”
“Uh. Yeah.” Harry, looked at the remains of the chess pieces. “Yeah..”
Harry bit onto the side of his cheek, why am I feeling so.. uncomfortable? Harry asked himself.
“Though, he might bail.” Ron chuckled before looking up at Harry, who he could see was feeling a great sense of uncomfortableness.
“Anyway..” Ron paused, “You looking forward to our hogsmede trip next weekend?”
“Yeah.” Harry said bluntly. “I hope it’ll be good.”
“Same.” Ron said dully.
Harry began to pack up the wizards chess and soon headed off to bed, with something weighing down his stomach.
The next morning he hurried off to breakfast, where he found Draco and his army of Slytherins all sitting down, sniggering as Draco did an obvious impression of what happened the day before.
Harry put his head down and quickly goes to the furthest point away from them, though their sniggering still ringing in his ears. His face felt warm, he could feel everyone looking at him.
His plan turned out to be an utter failure and Draco managed to find his way close to Harry, “Hey, Potter.” He uttered, smirking. “Potter!”
Harry finally turned around, his face feeling hotter then before.
“What?” He spat, glaring angrily at the Slytherins.
“Oh nothing, I just thought you needed to come back to reality.” Malfoy smirked, his Slytherins all burst out laughing.
Harry cursed under his breath and turned away.
The great hall finally filled with everyone and breakfast started. Harry grabbed the least amount of food he could possibly have and gulped it all down before getting up, tears staring to fill his eyes, and storming out of the hall, still hearing the Slytherins roar with laughter.
Why? Why did I stare at him? Of all people it was him. Harry thought angrily, tears streaming down his red hot face. He walked down the hallways, pushing anyone who was in his way before coming face to face with Draco.
Harry looked at him, wiping the tears away with his sleeve.
“Aww, Potter’s upset now?” Draco sniggered, “You we’re always a crybaby.”
“Stuff it Malfoy.” Harry fumed, “I don’t give a damn about what you think. You don’t.. you don’t..” He trailed off, “You don’t get to manipulate me like that.” He snapped, even more tears rolling down his face as his temper reaching boiling point. Draco wasn’t frowning, his fists weren’t clenched, in fact, he was smiling. “Says who? There aren’t any teachers around.”
Harry reached for his wand, but Draco was quicker, his wand was already raised by the time Harry even touched his.
“Don’t even think about it.” Draco grinned before putting his wand away and heading towards the dungeon.
Harry was fuming all the way to Herbology, where Ron and Hermione finally caught up to him.
Harry quickly wiped the mess off of his face, “Hey..” He stammered, trying to hide the fact that he was just crying.
“We saw you, you looked like you were upset.” Hermione breathed, “are you alright? Is there anything you want to tell us?”
Harry looked at Ron, who gave him a look that said it’s alright, mate.
It’s nothing. I don’t want to tell you anything.” Harry whispered, before going off to find his own table away from his friends.
“It’s not nothing.” Ron said.
“Well, it’s clearly something.” Hermione added before they both went to an empty table to being their lesson.

100WC – … but what colour should it be? …

But what colour should it be? I wondered, staring at the blank wall.

Green? Nope, not creative enough. Red? No, it would look like the wall was bleeding as I painted it. Purple? No! Too dark, I wouldn’t be able to see a thing.

Blue is an ok colour, but I’ll just end up painting it too look like a kids room.

Grey is good, but it’ll look like a prison cell.

I fall back onto my bed, staring deeply at the ceiling, my brain cycling through various different colours – red, green, purple, black, grey, magenta, white…

I sigh, I’ll never be able to find a colour.


I looked into the pink, sparkling river. The fish seemed to be nervous around me, I have no idea why, why would I hurt such a beautiful creature?

I sat next to some freshly cooked pies, I looked back down at the fish, they seemed to want my food, some even popped out of the water just to stare at me for a few seconds before going underwater again.

It was getting dark, I could barely see the stairs leading back to my house. I stood up, grabbed my empty plate and walked back home, relieved that I could finally see once I opened the door.