Drarry Fanfiction ;:Chapter 2:;

Harry was still in a bad mood the next day, after his encounter with Draco, nothing seemed to cheer him up. He sat in the common room in total silence, not answering to anyone.
“Harry.” Hermione said sternly, “You can’t keep brooding about this forever.”
Harry grunted, not opening his mouth to speak.
“I don’t think he’s gonna stop anytime soon, Hermione.” Ron said, a look of confusion on his face.
“Well it’s not doing him any good is it?” She snapped, “If he’s not stopping, I won’t try to help him!” She added, getting up and slamming her things onto a desk, scaring a few first and second years.
Ron turned back to Harry, “The only person who can make you brood like this is Malfoy, right?” A slight smirk appeared on his freckled face.
“No.” Harry grunted, “it’s not him.”
“I can tell you’re lying, mate.” Ron rolled his eyes. “It’s got to be Malfoy.”
“It’s not him, Ron.” Harry repeated, “It’s not him.”
“Harry, I’m you’re best friend, I have been for five years, so I can tell when you’re-”
“IT’S NOT HIM, RON” Harry thundered, “IT’S NOT DRACO!”
“Draco? Harry, you never call him that.” Ron said.
“So?” Harry hissed, “I can call him whatever I want.”
Ron chuckled, “Mate, surely you aren’t growing fond of Malfoy.”
“No!” Harry exclaimed, “Are you crazy?”
Harry sighed, “I’m sorry, ok? Just… talking about Draco makes me… uncomfortable.”
Ron winced at the sound of Draco’s name, “It’s ok mate, I should’ve known.”
“Don’t beat yourself up!” Harry smiled, “Hermione, we’re going down to lunch, want to come?”
Hermione looked up from her essay, “Sure, I don’t see why not.” She replied, putting her quill down.
The trio exited the portrait hole, sunlight glistened through the windows, it was a beautiful day at Hogwarts.
They couldn’t wait to eat after being cooped up for in the common room for so long.
They were almost halfway there when a familiar voice rang above the crowd.
“Hey Potter! Hanging out with the Weasel and Mudblood again I see?”
It was Malfoy, Draco Malfoy.
“What does he want.” Harry hissed, “Ron, Hermione, I’ll meet up with you, I can deal with Draco.”
“Draco-?” Hermione began.
“I’ll explain later,” Harry sighed. “Just go.”
Without arguing, the two left Harry and headed towards the great hall.
Harry quickly turned to face Draco.
“I see you’ve begun to use my first name, Potter.” Draco smirked.
“Yeah, so?” Harry hissed.
Draco laughed, “It’s as if you like me!”
“So? I don’t.” Harry looked at Draco, who was at a loss for words. “And I don’t think I ever will.”
He turned around and walked to the great hall.
Harry met his friends at the great hall, the usual chatter growing out any noise coming from outside.
A few minutes later, Draco entered, his face paler and his walk was less stuck up then usual. When he sat down, he didn’t talk, he just stared blankly at his plate.
“What’s gotten into him?” Harry heard a few people whisper.
“What on earth did you do?” Hermione asked, turning back to face Harry.
“I dunno. I just stood up for you.” Harry replied, “He looks kinda heartbroken.”
“I didn’t think he had a heart.” Ron said bitterly.
Hermione looked at Draco and then back at Harry, “It’s not like you to care about him, Harry.”
Harry didn’t say anything for a few seconds, “Is it wrong to care about other people’s feelings?”
“When they’re Malfoy it is.” Ron hissed.
After the school had eaten their lunch, they headed towards the transfiguration classroom.
They patiently waited outside and soon the rest of the class showed up.
The door opened and Mcgonagall ushered the flock of students inside.
Once everyone had found a seat, Mcgonagall tapped the blackboard with her wand.
“Good evening, class.” Mcgonagall began, “Your task today is to turn a rat into a goblet.”
No sooner as she has finished, rats appeared in front of every student.
Harry looked over at Ron who had a look of utter disappointment carved into his face.
“You’ll do it.” Harry assured him.
“No I won’t, I suck at transfiguration.” Ron sighed, looking down at his rat, who was scurrying around the desk.
Harry looked over at Hermione, who was doing the spell perfectly. “Hermione!” Harry whispered. “Hermione!”
He couldn’t get her attention, he sighed and turned back to Ron.
“Just try it!” Harry said, grabbing his own rat and trying out the spell for himself.
After a couple of tries and utter failures, Harry looked at Ron, who had not moved a muscle.
“Ron!” Harry hissed, annoyed at the fact that Ron didn’t even try.
“You know I can’t do transfiguration, Harry!” Ron fumed, “But if you want me to do it so badly, then fine! I will!” Ron raised his wand and violently stabbed the air, muttering a spell.
After his wand has stopped moving his rat flew across the room.
The classroom erupted in laughter, Ron went a delicate yet bright pink, he sank into his seat.
Harry only noticed one person who wasn’t laughing- Draco.