Semester 2 reflection goals

What I worked on last semester

I will work on my nine times tables and learn to use common multiples when I am solving maths problems. I could practise at home by testing myself and work on one multiplication sum (i.e. 9 x 5) at a time until I know it automatically. I will try different methods of using common multiples to solve math sums and use the one I am most comfortable with using/doing. If I practise this enough at home I believe that I will get much better and stop using my fingers to count from one number to another.


How I went

I think I went well, though I don’t think I’m using common multiples in problems when I am solving them – I don’t really solve a problem with more than one answer, but if I learn to do that I could use common multiples to help. I also do not know my 9’s tables off by heart but I do know the pattern to solve them quickly. I have not practiced my multiples at home since I do not have much spare time but I could try to figure out the pattern so I can do them much faster.


Future goals for 2019

In secondary college I think it would be better to try to make friends that have the same interests as me (Harry Potter, drawing, writing etc.) so we could talk about them often. I think I should also try to do my homework on time and ask my sister for help if I don’t understand something – this would help me in my classes and help me remember it better, it would also make me more organised. I should also work on trying my best in class and not being afraid to stand up for myself and ask for help.


100WC – week 6

I walked deep in the woods, looking at the trees and hearing many birds sing.

I came into a split path, one that lead out of the woods and one that didn’t – many people would want to leave, but I didn’t.

I strode along the path that went deeper, it twisted and turned but I was determined to find any secrets that lied ahead.

I came across a tree, a tree with a bike lodged into it’s trunk. I looked at it, confused but amazed as to how it got there. I moved the wheels – surprised at how they still worked, the bike seemed like it had been there for years.

Imagery Poem 2018

Warm colours splash my face,

the smell of gum trees and pale yellow fill the air

I can see the orange and the brightness through the glass

I can hear birds along with the continuous melody of song

I feel happy

Happy, happy, happy.

Why do I feel happy?

It’s because I’m safe.

Mars Rover inputs and outputs

Some inputs for a mars rover Edison model are:

Things falling over
The computer
The cord
Sound (Clapping)

Some outputs for a mars rover Edison model are:

Movement (left, right etc)
Sound (Music)
LEDs/Lights (Laser)
Claws to pick things up (Picking up objects)


100WC – because I said so.

I sat lazily on the couch, bored out of my mind.
I looked over to my left and saw my parents staring at me, I looked back at them and said nothing. A few moments of silence passed, soon they both sighed and said “Do it.”
“Do what?” I asked, sounding incredibly stupid.

“The clothes!” My mum pointed at them “They’ve been sitting there for weeks!”
“Why? It’s the weekend.”
“Because I said so!”

I grumpily got up and went over to the clothes – my legs feeling like they would collapse under my weight.
“You never do anything around this house.” I mumbled.