100WC – week 6

I walked deep in the woods, looking at the trees and hearing many birds sing.

I came into a split path, one that lead out of the woods and one that didn’t – many people would want to leave, but I didn’t.

I strode along the path that went deeper, it twisted and turned but I was determined to find any secrets that lied ahead.

I came across a tree, a tree with a bike lodged into it’s trunk. I looked at it, confused but amazed as to how it got there. I moved the wheels – surprised at how they still worked, the bike seemed like it had been there for years.

100WC – because I said so.

I sat lazily on the couch, bored out of my mind.
I looked over to my left and saw my parents staring at me, I looked back at them and said nothing. A few moments of silence passed, soon they both sighed and said “Do it.”
“Do what?” I asked, sounding incredibly stupid.

“The clothes!” My mum pointed at them “They’ve been sitting there for weeks!”
“Why? It’s the weekend.”
“Because I said so!”

I grumpily got up and went over to the clothes – my legs feeling like they would collapse under my weight.
“You never do anything around this house.” I mumbled.

100WC – … but what colour should it be? …

But what colour should it be? I wondered, staring at the blank wall.

Green? Nope, not creative enough. Red? No, it would look like the wall was bleeding as I painted it. Purple? No! Too dark, I wouldn’t be able to see a thing.

Blue is an ok colour, but I’ll just end up painting it too look like a kids room.

Grey is good, but it’ll look like a prison cell.

I fall back onto my bed, staring deeply at the ceiling, my brain cycling through various different colours – red, green, purple, black, grey, magenta, white…

I sigh, I’ll never be able to find a colour.


I looked into the pink, sparkling river. The fish seemed to be nervous around me, I have no idea why, why would I hurt such a beautiful creature?

I sat next to some freshly cooked pies, I looked back down at the fish, they seemed to want my food, some even popped out of the water just to stare at me for a few seconds before going underwater again.

It was getting dark, I could barely see the stairs leading back to my house. I stood up, grabbed my empty plate and walked back home, relieved that I could finally see once I opened the door.


A magic door, a magical, mystical door, found in the middle of a forest.

Deep in the woods will you find the door, a door that was put there by someone – no-one knows who but everyone just accepts its existence.

Nobody has dared to go into the door, everyone apart from you.

You go into the woods, you face the door at stare intensely at it. Nothing happens.

You say “Show me the other side.” Again, nothing happens. You begin to circle the door, looking for anything strange.

It doesn’t change, you touch it, it wiggles like jelly but as soon as you take your hand away from it, it returns to normal.

The door is certainly strange.

…however, she couldn’t believe what she had done… [100WC]

However, she couldn’t believe what she had done.

Her eyes were filled with tears, her friend had their head in their knees, faint sobs escaped both girls.

Everyone was a bystander, nobody came to help them. She ran away, her tears escaping the gaps between her fingers.
She ignored the calling of her name, she ignored everyone around her.

She felt as if she was falling into an endless void with no hope of coming back out. She looked behind her, her ex-friend was nowhere to be seen. She stopped. The black void turned to white, but it then became even deeper, an infinity.

She screamed for help.

100WC – Magical Creature

This amazing creature is found in a special type of oasis’ in the desert, the pink lake.

Many people do not believe it exists due to it be shy and not showing itself to people often.
It’s blue and purple colours help it to blend into the glimmering water, it can even turn it’s colours into many different shades of pink to hide better.
It is able to transform into a tinier version of itself so it can hide away in the smallest of cracks in the rocks.
It’s main predator is the Bulti Fish. It will chase it’s prey into an area where it cannot escape and then eat it.


The old statue legs stood alone in the forest. It has been 100 years after the statue of the nearby town’s god, Dionysus the god of nature, got torn down by a storm. The town was devastated, afraid that the god would send the wort of nature after them. Yet the god was pleased. The town lived in fear as the statue grew vines all around it’s legs.

Little did the town know, Dionysus was growing a new body for himself, to regain what he had lost. After he had done his work, he would use this vessel to talk to the mortals.


The townsfolk wandered around their small town, not knowing of danger that lied among the edge.

The ocean barely went inside of the town, but many of the townsfolk where terrified, the captain, who managed the lookout, kept on reassuring them that the town was safe.

The river that ran along the edge was getting unexpectedly faster, nobody knew what was going on.

They were all told to stay inside their homes for safety as the captain tried to find the source of what caused the river to move so quickly.

Nobody knew what danger happened that day…

Nobody knew.

100WC – we were moving very fast when…

We were moving very fast when…

I felt my body lunge forward, it was all happening too fast. I couldn’t see, my hearing was blocked by screams of children.

My mother screamed as the airbag let itself out. The car started to smoke from the hood. We must’ve crashed.

My little sister cried out as the windows smashed. People immediately flocked to the car, asking if we are okay. My father lay lump on top on the steering wheel, not moving, but still breathing.

My mother was still in shock, it all happened to fast. Way too fast for us.