2018 webinar – eSafety

In the webinar, we learnt about privacy online and how to stay safe and protected.

  • When you have received a message/popup, make sure to check all the details (grammar, spelling, who it’s from, name etc) so you are sure that it’s a virus or not.
  • If you have received a friend request from someone you know, make sure to check out their profile before accepting or denying the request.
  • Scamming messages can come from anyone at anytime, even your friends.
  • Don’t put your personal information online, these things are full name, age, where you live, what school you go to, address and personal photos.
  • To avoid hackers, never share your password with anyone, even if somebody claims they will never hack into your account.
  • Always use a strong password to protect you account.
  • Whenever you are editing your profile, find a way to turn of your location/GPS tracking so  hackers can’t find out where you are.

Safer Internet Day

Today was safer internet day and all of Victoria’s schools participated in a webinar on how we can stay safe online. It included information on how to keep your details private online, this included things on how to prevent bullying and the dangers of hackers and strangers online and what to do if you do get bullied. During the webinar it gave us the opportunity to answer questions that they asked through the chat. We found out that half our group had gotten contacted by strangers online. Some of the things they said were, tell a trusted adult, report and keep the evidence so they can work out who did it.
I already report them, and if they keep on doing it, I block them and keep evidence. A goal or future internet use would be to tell a trusted adult, or anyone I can trust.