• poem
  • Bendy and the Ink Machine

    The sketches come to life, The light, hazy brown is the only colour there, shadowed by black ink. The noises might drive me insane, they are here. The demon and angel are here. The thick ink brings them to life. Joey what have you done? I fear that they are after me, only me. I’m […]

  • poem
  • 5 things about the grass

    The grass doesn’t mind it’s shiny emerald dress. It’s waiting for something – it doesn’t know what. The grass doesn’t like others, but it’s forced to go outside. It doesn’t like it’s food, so it gets thinner by the hour. It is small and cheeky, a midget you might say.

  • poem
  • The Ink

    The ink leaks through the door. It goes right through the wall. I think the time has come, for me to run. The angel doesn’t like him, they don’t like each other. Joey, what have you done? The ink will fall follow him everywhere. It infests this place. every corner, everywhere.

  • 100WC
  • 100WC – poem –

    prompt: round n’ round it goes when will it stop nobody knows round n’ round it will go sooner or later it’ll crash sooner or later it’ll be free hop hop the horses go free in the park around the trees, over the people free in the streets around the block, over the houses round […]

  • poem
  • Cats

      o             i am        my own     way of being in view and yet invisible at once hearing everything you see i see all of whatever you can have heard even inside the deep silences of black silhouettes like these images of furry surfaces darkly […]