• CyberSafety
  • 2018 webinar – eSafety

    In the webinar, we learnt about privacy online and how to stay safe and protected. When you have received a message/popup, make sure to check all the details (grammar, spelling, who it’s from, name etc) so you are sure that it’s a virus or not. If you have received a friend request from someone you […]

  • reflections
  • Home Book Review

    Home (Lams – Laurens x Hamilton Modern College AU Fan-Fiction) An AU stands for Alternate Universe; it is an alternate version of something that already exists. Anybody can make an AU; all they have to do is take the original idea (A game, a book or a musical) and change it in minor or huge […]

  • BTN
  • BTN ~ Australia Day

    Australia day video ~ here KEY: Dusky/grey light blue ~ RECALLS Sunset/pale pink ~ QUESTIONS  Sunset/pale orange ~ INSIGHTS Black ~ SUMMARY <~+~> This BTN is about Australia day and why people celebrate it. Australia day used to be called ‘foundation day,’ it had re-enactments of when the first fleet arrived in Australia. I also found […]

  • Project
  • Desert Adaptations Reflection

    Intro: In term two, all the 5/6s’ did a project on desert animals/plants (mostly Australian desert animals/plants). The topic we were focusing on was adaptations. We had a list of what we needed to do. The main focus of this project is adaptations. The teacher didn’t say a specific way to present it, the only […]

  • Project
  • reflection for experiment

    Our experiment went really well, the results were exactly what we thought, but we had to redo it after half an hour. Water was leaking out of the tube and on the flat surface people didn’t see it so they put things in it. We would’ve had incorrect results, so we restarted. After 15 minutes […]

  • reflections
  • Aquarium Excursion Reflection

    Today we went to the Melbourne Aquarium, we left at 9:30 and came back at around about 1:30. Here’s the website for more information: https://www.melbourneaquarium.com.au/ It helped me understand these 2 sentences -“Living things have structural features and adaptations that help them survive in their environment.  The growth + survival of living things are affected […]

  • BTN
  • Video Homework-28/3/17

    Summary Facts insights questions This video was about a Vietnam person who became a comedian. Refugees have to spend 5 days at sea. sometimes they would get attacked by pirates. there where some massive storms out at sea. why did they leave Vietnam in the first place?  did they leave Vietnam because of attacks? if […]

  • BTN
  • Video Homework- Federation of Australia

    Video Summary recalls/facts insights questions this video is about how the federation of Australia came together the poor, smaller countries where asking the big, rich countries for money. in the end, the 6 countries came together as a whole country. who decided to make all the colonies become one? who named the colonies? my insight […]