Reading Reflection ~ “It Came From Beneath The Sink” – By R.L Stine

Pages: 60-112

The genre is horror, I know this because I have read around about half of the Goosebumps books that we have the school library. 

Horror is very common in Goosebumps due to it being a series of books made to give you chills down your spine. I personally didn’t get scared while reading any of the Goosebumps books since I am used to things like this.

The lie in the sky!!!

I looked up in the sky,

and i saw a lie.

I was getting hungry

so i reached up,

to touch the lie.

i grabbed the lie.

and shoved in it my mouth.

nom nom nom

(C) by Harguan

(C) by harguaninainia


Data set

USA 42066

Holland 26544

Canada 35222

Australia 34835

Belgium 32641

Germany 32349

Taiwan 31346

UK 31217

Japan 30866

France 30062

Spain 26662

Italy 26370

Greece 26313

Korea 25256


USA is the richest and Korea is the poorest. The different between USA and Korea is $16810. Spain Italy and Greece are almost the same in wealth. This graph is the right kind of graph because you use a bar graph for categorical data and are large amounts and our data it both of those things.

My homework

On the holidays, I went to Philip Island with my Dad’s Friends Family. I got to bring my 3Ds that I got for Christmas. I played with Toby (their older son). I had fun, but I lost all the pokemon battles. But I wasn’t a good trainer at the time. We went to the beach multiple times; it was really fun! Then we went home after the week was over. I wanted to stay there for a bit loner though!

Something interesting about me:

I actually like both FNaF (five nights at Freddy’s) and UNDERTALE, even though both fanbases hate each other!

What I like about school:

I like the times when we use the computers and when we do personal writing (including the 100-word challenge.)

My goal:

To get better at my cursive writing, and use cursive in my writing.



Practice for the 100 word challenge

I was stuck in the Arctic, yet the sunshine was shining through. I saw some ice, something purple was in some ice, I was so frightened I wanted to run so fast, away from that horrifying creature! Suddenly, the ice broke  and the creature flew away, I stood there, stunned. So stunned. “Hello…” I heard the purple creature say. I ran.

Woven Hat

It was a cloudy, dark and rainy night. My parents have gone out of the house and have left me here. I decided to take a walk to calm my nerves. I was walking for about 5 minutes when I found a flickering light. I just left it then I heard a whisper,

“Don’t hold it against me.”

I didn’t bother to turn back, I just kept walking. Then suddenly the whisper said a poem,

” Deep below ground.

Where memories sleep.

Anger is restless.

And secrets don’t keep.”

I started to run. I looked back. I saw a shadow figure. I started to sweat… I ran but I fell into a huge hole… I climbed out and found that I had tripped on a hat that was sitting on a log. I took the hat, it was made of straw and had some flowers on a dark blue background. I ran from the hole, I ran though the shadow and ran home never to go out alone again…

Athletic News


“Hello! Welcome to Athletic News! Today we will be looking at a local school at their athletic carnival!

Ok so… we have about 5 to 7 students talking to their captain. Oh! Now their walking to the discuss area…ok… now their having a chat…now their half way across the ok their walking back … oh looks like some shotput player found out about our camera… hmm. Aww  we lost our signal but at least we still have the audio. COME BACK HERE! NEVER! AHHH! Welp,

I lost the  audio… and the reception. Bye!” boop!


Australia is a wonderful place!

You should definitely go here.

Australia has many celebrations like, ANZAC day and Pancake day.


ANZAC day is about our ancestors going to war and we remember them


and Pancake day is about well… Pancakes!



Welcome to my blog!

This is a place were I can expand my knowledge and also have lots on fun. You can look forward to me posting more things about Australia and things that I find exciting.

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