My own Species

Zen Cats:

Species Name:

Zen Cats

Basic Species Information:

Zen cats are known to be very quiet and helpful. They appear in these breeds:


~Pure white

~Calico (Rare)

~Ginger (Rare)

~Pure black (Uncommon)

Zen cats are very fluffy, with bushy and long tails. Flowers appear on their head, back and at the end of their tails.

They always have an opposite, but aren’t the EXACT opposite of the ‘good’ cat.

The ‘good’ cats produce the good thoughts and the ‘bad’ cats produce the bad thoughts.

Breed information:


This breed of Zen Cat is the most common, they usually have blue or green eyes. The flowers that they can have are:

~Rose {Red or White}

~Violet {Purple or Blue}

~Daisy {White}

These types of Zen Cat are the most independent out of the 5 breeds.

Pure White:

This breed is the second most common type of Zen Cat, they usually have green eyes. The flowers that they can have are:

~Lotus {Pale/Pastel Pink}

~Cactus Flower {Pink}

These types of Zen Cats are the most quiet and elegant out of the 5 breeds.

Calico: ~Rare~

This breed is very hard to come across, even though they are easy to spot. They usually have green, yellow or blue eyes, they sometimes have heterochromia. The flowers they can have are:

~Snap dragon {Hot Pink/Red or Dark Purple}

~Cactus Flower {Pink}

~Special Flower {Colour Gradient}

These types of Zen Cats are the most curious of the 5 breeds.

Ginger: ~Rare~

This is another rare breed. They usually have yellow eyes. The flowers they can have are:

~Daisy {White}

~Rose {Red}

~Special Flower {Colour Gradient}

[Ci]These types of Zen Cats are the most curious of the 5 breeds.

Pure Black: ~Uncommon~

This species is not that easy, yet not to hard to find. They usually have blue eyes. The types of flowers they can have are:

Violet {Blue or Purple}

Lotus {Pale/Pastel Pink}

Snap Dragon {Hot Pink/Red or Dark Purple}

These types of Zen Cats are the most skittish of the 5 breeds.

Where they live:

Zen cats live in the most calming places they can find, at least, in a persons happy place that is. They find it easy to produce good thoughts (or bad ones) while inside someone’s head.

They May come out from time to time, but only the owner can see them, unless they willingly show their form to other people.

Why they have opposites:

Zen cats have opposites to balance out the emotions in someone, but that might not do to well. The ‘good’ side produces the good thoughts, and the ‘bad’ side produces bad thoughts.


~1 DO NOT make them overpowered, too many OCs are overpowered, please don’t make my species are burden!

~2 Do not make them a Mary-sue!

~3 stick to the cat breed’s original colours and flower colours! No galaxy or rainbow!

~4 Do not make one unless I give permission!

About The creator:

The creator of the Zen Cats, me, is a cat lover all the way, having 12 cats in the past.

They currently have 3 Cats, peanut butter, jelly and CB (Cottenball).


General Info

Name: Kappaki

Plural: Kappaki

Group Name: – – –

Planet: Earth

Size: 66cm Tall

Weight: 38 kg


There are 4 types of Kappaki, earth, fire, water and air.


Earth Kappaki have a dirt-brown base colour, Their tail and neck fluff is a light brown, their small horns are green. Their tail and paws fade from brown to green at the end, their eyes are always green or brown. They have a medium amount of neck fluff and tail fluff.


Fire Kappaki have a ash-grey base colour, their tail and neck fluff is a dusky grey-red, with orange streaks. Their horns are the same dusky red as their tail and neck fluff. Their tail and paws fade from a ash-grey to a grey-yellow, grey-orange or a grey-red. Their eyes are always red of black. They have a small amount of neck fluff and tail fluff.


Instead of having tail fluff, they have a fish tail. Water Kappaki have a light blue base colour, their fins and neck fluff are a nice, pastel aqua. Their horns are the same aqua as their fins and neck fluff. Their fins and paws fade from a light blue to a nice aqua. Their eyes are always blue. They have a medium amount of long neck fluff.


These Kappaki have wings. Air Kappaki have a light grey base colour, their tail, wings and neck fluff are a sky blue. Their horns are the same colour as their neck fluff, wings and tail fluff. Their tail and paws fade from a light grey to a dark blue. Their eyes are purely white or blue. They have a big amount of neck fluff.

Aging and Breeding

Lifespan: 250 – 350 years

Breeding: The Kappaki only breed with the same type (EG: an Air Kappaki with a Fire Kappaki will not work.)

Pups: Their pups will be stored in the neck fluff, that is, if they have a medium or big amount, if they have a small amount, they pups will stay with the mother.


Personality: Kappaki are very territorial, if another type of Kappaki dares to set foot in a pack area that isn’t theirs, they would get attacked and would have a very low chance of getting out alive.

Communication: Kappaki talk with a series of growls and barks.


Kappaki eat vegetables, fruits and meat. Though mothers are forced to only eat fruits and vegetables, as the Kappaki believe that eating meat will kill a Kappaki who has newborn pups.

Extra Prices

– – –



– Common: 2 horns

+ Uncommon: 1 horn

x Rare: 3 horns

~S Rare: no horns

> Uber: Horns on the back + 3 horns

– – –

Wings: (Air only)

– Common: 2 wings

+ Uncommon: wings on the legs + 2 wings

x Rare: 4 wings

~S Rare: wings on the head + legs + 2 wings

> Uber: 4 wings + Wings on the head + legs

– – –

Fish tails (Water only)

– Common: 1 tail

+ Uncommon: 2 tails

x Rare: 3 tails

~S Rare: 2 tails + Fins on legs

> Uber: 3 tails + fins on legs + fins on head


Earth Kappaki live in open fields, they rarely live in caves.

Fire Kappaki live near volcanos.

Water Kappaki live in all bodies of water, unless it’s super small.

Air Kappaki live on top of mountains.


All Kappaki (Apart from Water types) store Water in their neck fluff to use it for later, they don’t go out to find it because Water Kappaki might be living there.

Earth Kappaki can summon vines and other plants to tangle the other Kappaki.

Fire Kappaki can start a small fire to scare of other Kappaki.

Water Kappaki can summon hot water to hurt the other Kappaki.

Air Kappaki can fly and can summon a gust of wind to destroy pack areas.