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  • Letter

    Hi Libby! I’m excited to be in 5/6A this year! 🙂 I want to tell you a few things about myself… My favourite subject is: I love art! 🙂 I’m pretty sure it’s what sparked my inspiration to draw all the time! It helps me improve in my skills, even though a few units aren’t […]

  • poem
  • Bendy and the Ink Machine

    The sketches come to life, The light, hazy brown is the only colour there, shadowed by black ink. The noises might drive me insane, they are here. The demon and angel are here. The thick ink brings them to life. Joey what have you done? I fear that they are after me, only me. I’m […]

  • poem
  • 5 things about the grass

    The grass doesn’t mind it’s shiny emerald dress. It’s waiting for something – it doesn’t know what. The grass doesn’t like others, but it’s forced to go outside. It doesn’t like it’s food, so it gets thinner by the hour. It is small and cheeky, a midget you might say.

  • poem
  • The Ink

    The ink leaks through the door. It goes right through the wall. I think the time has come, for me to run. The angel doesn’t like him, they don’t like each other. Joey, what have you done? The ink will fall follow him everywhere. It infests this place. every corner, everywhere.

  • 100WC
  • 100WC – Gumboots

    Have you ever wanted a better, non-sponge like pair of shoes to walk in when it rains? Well now you can! Get your new non-sponge like gumboots today! At the reverse-sponge company we aim to get your feet into the most comfortable shoes in the world! We call these special gumboots “Unspongeboots!” These boots will […]

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  • Goals for term 4

    Work and Study:    To get a better understanding of coding. To get better at poetry I want to share my work more often.  Coding- To experiment with codes. Try to use my prior knowledge. Poetry- Practice at home. Write about things I like. Sharing Work- Not to be shy. Be braver. Fun and friendship:  Get […]