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  • 100WC

    I was walking along the beach when I saw a seal lying on the ground, It looked happy, I jogged over to it and It went back into the beach. I was puzzled, but I shrugged it off and jogged back to my trail of foot prints.  I suddenly heard a loud ‘SPLASH’ and the […]

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  • 100WC – all of sudden…

    I was quietly sitting on my bed, trying to think of a way to get food without mum noticed when all of a sudden… BANG!! A huge noise came from outside. I ran towards my window and looked up, a huge hole was ripping the sky apart! I sprinted as fast as I could to […]

  • BTN
  • btn- colour confusion

    video link: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4191136.htm Recalls- red insight- blue questions- green summary- black this video is about this boy explaining what it’s like to have colour blindness. the mantis shrimp has 12 cones! the mantis shrimp can see ultra violet light. 1 in 200 girls have colour blindness. why do they have tests to see if you […]

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  • 100WC – poem –

    prompt: round n’ round it goes when will it stop nobody knows round n’ round it will go sooner or later it’ll crash sooner or later it’ll be free hop hop the horses go free in the park around the trees, over the people free in the streets around the block, over the houses round […]

  • Project
  • Desert Adaptations Reflection

    Intro: In term two, all the 5/6s’ did a project on desert animals/plants (mostly Australian desert animals/plants). The topic we were focusing on was adaptations. We had a list of what we needed to do. The main focus of this project is adaptations. The teacher didn’t say a specific way to present it, the only […]

  • Project
  • reflection for experiment

    Our experiment went really well, the results were exactly what we thought, but we had to redo it after half an hour. Water was leaking out of the tube and on the flat surface people didn’t see it so they put things in it. We would’ve had incorrect results, so we restarted. After 15 minutes […]

  • reflections
  • Aquarium Excursion Reflection

    Today we went to the Melbourne Aquarium, we left at 9:30 and came back at around about 1:30. Here’s the website for more information: https://www.melbourneaquarium.com.au/ It helped me understand these 2 sentences -“Living things have structural features and adaptations that help them survive in their environment.  The growth + survival of living things are affected […]