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  • Desert Adaptations Reflection

    Intro: In term two, all the 5/6s’ did a project on desert animals/plants (mostly Australian desert animals/plants). The topic we were focusing on was adaptations. We had a list of what we needed to do. The main focus of this project is adaptations. The teacher didn’t say a specific way to present it, the only […]

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  • reflection for experiment

    Our experiment went really well, the results were exactly what we thought, but we had to redo it after half an hour. Water was leaking out of the tube and on the flat surface people didn’t see it so they put things in it. We would’ve had incorrect results, so we restarted. After 15 minutes […]

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  • Aquarium Excursion Reflection

    Today we went to the Melbourne Aquarium, we left at 9:30 and came back at around about 1:30. Here’s the website for more information: https://www.melbourneaquarium.com.au/ It helped me understand these 2 sentences -“Living things have structural features and adaptations that help them survive in their environment.  The growth + survival of living things are affected […]

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  • graphs

    Data set USA 42066 Holland 26544 Canada 35222 Australia 34835 Belgium 32641 Germany 32349 Taiwan 31346 UK 31217 Japan 30866 France 30062 Spain 26662 Italy 26370 Greece 26313 Korea 25256 Analyse USA is the richest and Korea is the poorest. The different between USA and Korea is $16810. Spain Italy and Greece are almost the […]

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  • 100wc- The Slime Dripped Through…

      prompt: The Slime Dripped Through… Goal: To remember punctuation,spelling, capitals. (Italic) The slime dripped through the small crack in the ceiling. Our house is pretty broken down, some walls even have giant holes in them. We cover them up with paintings. I hope our cats can’t reach the holes. I went up to the attic, to […]

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  • 100WC: the raindrop and the ant

    Goal: to use more dialogue in my writing. goal colour: red thunder echoed through the field, heavy rain fell on the running ants. I scuttled quickly, trying to see my home through my blurry, fuzzy eyes. My home seemed to get further and further away… But i didnt care. When I got near my home, rain […]

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  • BTN: Video Games

    summary- black recalls- blue insights- green questions- pink this BTN was about the history of video games and what people thought about them. many people were excited about “pong”. “pong” wasn’t the first tennis video game. “space invaders” inspired many other video game creators. games would be much more advanced in the future or in […]

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  • 100WC

    I saw the wall… the wall was so plain…I could decorate it, with paintings or other things. unfortunately I  had no paintings or any other things to decorate it with.  I thought about my favorite book, Harry Potter and the philosophers stone. maybe this wall was like that wall… but that would be impossible, Harry […]

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  • Video Homework-28/3/17

    Summary Facts insights questions This video was about a Vietnam person who became a comedian. Refugees have to spend 5 days at sea. sometimes they would get attacked by pirates. there where some massive storms out at sea. why did they leave Vietnam in the first place?  did they leave Vietnam because of attacks? if […]