• Homework
  • SRC speach

    I think that i would make a good SRC rep because I could make sensible decisions, help younger SRC reps to become more confident in saying their ideas and help the others with “improving” their ideas in a way. I have leadership skills, I’m also not as bossy but i can be sometimes if people […]

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  • My homework

    On the holidays, I went to Philip Island with my Dad’s Friends Family. I got to bring my 3Ds that I got for Christmas. I played with Toby (their older son). I had fun, but I lost all the pokemon battles. But I wasn’t a good trainer at the time. We went to the beach […]

  • 100WC
  • 100 word challenge #12 Pot

    I just came back from the stores, it was almost Halloween, so I bought a pot with yellow eyes. I placed it on the front porch, hoping it would drag some attention, so I could get rid of some lollies. Maybe I could put some fake legs in it, and paint them with red paint. I […]

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  • Practice for the 100 word challenge

    I was stuck in the Arctic, yet the sunshine was shining through. I saw some ice, something purple was in some ice, I was so frightened I wanted to run so fast, away from that horrifying creature! Suddenly, the ice broke  and the creature flew away, I stood there, stunned. So stunned. “Hello…” I heard the purple creature say. I ran.

  • poem
  • Cats

      o             i am        my own     way of being in view and yet invisible at once hearing everything you see i see all of whatever you can have heard even inside the deep silences of black silhouettes like these images of furry surfaces darkly […]

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  • Woven Hat

    It was a cloudy, dark and rainy night. My parents have gone out of the house and have left me here. I decided to take a walk to calm my nerves. I was walking for about 5 minutes when I found a flickering light. I just left it then I heard a whisper, “Don’t hold […]

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  • Athletic News

    Boop! “Hello! Welcome to Athletic News! Today we will be looking at a local school at their athletic carnival! Ok so… we have about 5 to 7 students talking to their captain. Oh! Now their walking to the discuss area…ok… now their having a chat…now their half way across the court..no? ok their walking back […]

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  • Australia

    Australia is a wonderful place! You should definitely go here. Australia has many celebrations like, ANZAC day and Pancake day.   ANZAC day is about our ancestors going to war and we remember them   and Pancake day is about well… Pancakes!