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  • 100WC- how could something so tiny…?

    How could something so tiny eat something so big?! this small ant nearly ate a whole bunch of piza. it just scuteld to the  counter all like, “mmmmmm! this pizza looks good!!” it then opened the pizza box up and gobbled it all down. it then scuttled down to many other boxes and ate it […]

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  • Video Homework- Federation of Australia

    Video Summary recalls/facts insights questions this video is about how the federation of Australia came together the poor, smaller countries where asking the big, rich countries for money. in the end, the 6 countries came together as a whole country. who decided to make all the colonies become one? who named the colonies? my insight […]

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  • Video HomeWork

    Video: its on ants blog KEY: summary-> black Recalls-> dark red insight-> Green Questions-> Blue this short 3 min video was about two convicts that wanted to quit. if you stole some simple things that you need to live, you might have iron chains put around your feet. it was easy to catch an serious […]

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  • BTN-Homework

    BTN 1 BTN 2 summary- blue Insight/s- Red Recalls- Green Questions- Purple BTN 1: The Encounter- This short video was about  Waruwi seeing the “ghost” people and a cow. Nana thinks  that the smoke will keep away the mosquitoes. Waruwi saw the ghost people, then warned her Nana. When Waruwi saw the cow, she was […]

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  • SRC speach

    I think that i would make a good SRC rep because I could make sensible decisions, help younger SRC reps to become more confident in saying their ideas and help the others with “improving” their ideas in a way. I have leadership skills, I’m also not as bossy but i can be sometimes if people […]

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  • My homework

    On the holidays, I went to Philip Island with my Dad’s Friends Family. I got to bring my 3Ds that I got for Christmas. I played with Toby (their older son). I had fun, but I lost all the pokemon battles. But I wasn’t a good trainer at the time. We went to the beach […]

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  • 100 word challenge #12 Pot

    I just came back from the stores, it was almost Halloween, so I bought a pot with yellow eyes. I placed it on the front porch, hoping it would drag some attention, so I could get rid of some lollies. Maybe I could put some fake legs in it, and paint them with red paint. I […]

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  • Practice for the 100 word challenge

    I was stuck in the Arctic, yet the sunshine was shining through. I saw some ice, something purple was in some ice, I was so frightened I wanted to run so fast, away from that horrifying creature! Suddenly, the ice broke  and the creature flew away, I stood there, stunned. So stunned. “Hello…” I heard the purple creature say. I ran.